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Skylight benefits, natural light, Cost savings, Velux, Sun Tunnel, Solar Tube, Tubular Skylights!

The benefits of skylights and solar tubes go far above that of the conventional and move into health and beauty. First the convention is most obvious – ventilation for your home, free daylight for your home, add value to your home, and skylights can add a unique decor to your home.

Many people out there don’t know of the others reasons you might want to use skylights or sun tunnels and tubular skylights in your home and business. There is a great degree of health benefits from receiving regular doses of sunlight and fresh air. For instance – It is said that having an insufficient amount of sunlight is linked directly to SAD(Seasonal Affective Disorder) people suffering from SAD may have less energy, bigger appetite, and depression. Twenty percent of America suffers from SAD.  See more case studies on the benefits of skylights here!

The biggest benefit you receive from installation skylights in your home is the healthy natural light that comes directly into your room.  No longer do your rooms have to be dark!  It is a proven fact that people that have dark areas of the home tend to avoid those areas.  Why not use your whole home?  Lighting plays a huge role in the feel and livability of a room, by adding a little bit of light you can change the whole dynamic of an area.  For to long skylights were considered a luxory item, No Longer!  When you understand all the benefits associated with skylights and solar tubes in your home you start to realize the cost is justifiable because of the returns you receive immediately!

Traditional Skylights – Flat Glass Skylights

The Residential skylight has several features that have contributed to their widespread popularity. Such features include UV deflection and protection, elimination of direct sunlight and hot spots, and distribution of natural light. The distribution of natural light by residential skylight has been shown by researchers to increase concentration and productivity, aid the healing process, and raise people’s spirits, which is especially important to families and people who work from home. Accompanied by its financial benefits and aesthetic qualities, the residential skylight is undoubtedly a worthwhile addition to your home.  For more info on our Velux Skylights click here!

Rooms filled with natural light and fresh air are invariably more beautiful, spacious and uplifting to your spirits. Daylight is the essential element that transforms conventional rooms into splendid spaces that add value and quality to your home and your life.

Tubular Skylight – Solar Tube – Sun Tunnel

A Tubular skylight is a tubular device that provides natural day lighting. A tubular skylight captures daylight from the rooftop and carries the light through a tubular shaft and delivers light into the home. There are many benefits of solar tubes and tubular lighting. Tubular skylights provide an economical and efficient way to achieve natural lighting to any area of the home. With its engineered assembly from the roof to the ceiling, solar tube lighting can make an impact on lighting for any home.

Additionally tubular skylights typically provide less heat than electric lighting. This is why you should choose a tubular skylight that has superior visible light transmittance along with selecting a skylight based on its thermal values.  Installing skylights is a good investment since its benefits will make up for the costs for in two years or less.

Artificial lighting is one of the main reasons for high energy consumption for commercial and industrial usages. On average, artificial lighting accounts for 40% of a building’s total energy usage. The energy savings achieved from reducing dependency on electric lighting and switching to solar tubes and skylights far exceeds any heat gain or heat loss in the vast majority of applications.

We offers skylights that have a 100% haze factor that provide diffused lighting with no glare. High levels of visible light transmittance are maintained, but that light is spread evenly throughout the space. 


  • Velux Sun tunnels provide indirect, diffused sunlight. Indirect sunlight results in less UV ray damage to furniture, carpet and drapery.
  • Can fit where conventional skylights don’t fit.
  • Easy installation. They do not require re framing, dry wall or painting. They easily fit between the rafters in the attic. On average, it takes less than two hours to install one.
  • DIY. Many seasoned do-it-yourselfers can install a tubular skylight in one day.
  • Cost less than conventional skylights.
  • Burglar proof.
  • Can ease eye strain.


The Sun Tunnel provides an economical approach to bringing the benefits of natural light into any area of the home. It can take your darkest rooms and illuminate them with the beauty of natural light. With an engineered assembly from the roof to the ceiling, they create an impact on any room.

Before and After Velux Sun Tunnel Skylight Pictures

Skylights are Energy Efficient Products

Artificial lighting is one of the largest sources of energy consumption in commercial and industrial applications. On average, artificial lighting accounts for 40% of the building’s total energy. Utilizing the high visible light transmittance acrylic skylights has been shown to significantly reduce these energy costs through the benefits of daylighting. Typically, proper design of a skylit building results in a skylight-to-floor ratio (SFR) of between 4% – 6%. With proper design, the cost of skylights is paid back often in less than two years. This is because high visible light transmittance acrylic skylights allow artificial lighting to be turned off on average of 70% – 80% of the time.

Achieve energy savings with skylights

The energy savings achieved from reducing dependency on electric lighting far exceeds any heat gain or heat loss in the vast majority of applications.

Additionally velux skylights typically provide less heat than electric lighting. This is why you should choose a skylight that has superior visible light transmittance in lieu of selecting a skylight just based on thermal values.  Acrylic skylights provide extremely high levels of visible light, and are available with thermal breaks and weep systems to maximize energy efficiency making them ideal for all commercial and industrial applications. Installing sun tunnels or skylights often pays for itself in two years or less. Sunsational Skylights offers skylights and solar tubes that have a 100% haze factor that provide diffused lighting with no glare. High levels of visible light transmittance are maintained, but that light is spread evenly throughout the space.

We can help you determine the correct number of skylights to achieve maximum energy savings or obtain a desired lighting level.

How Skylights Benefit…..

Skylights In School
Skylights in schools have been found to be positively and significantly correlated to better student performance. A study conducted by the Pacific Gas & Electric Company, tested 21,000 students in three states and found that those in classrooms with the most daylight progressed 20% faster on math tests and 26% faster on reading tests in one year than those with the least amount daylight.

According to the Commission Public Interest Energy Research Program, daylight illumination levels were significant and positive in predicting better performance on a test of mental function and attention. The Backwards Numbers test is widely accepted in psychological research as a valid test of mental function and attention spans. An increase in daylight illumination levels from one to 20 foot candles resulted in a 13% improvement in the ability to instantly recall strings of numbers, what better way to increase daylight illumination than by installing a solar tube, velux Skylight or Sun Tunnel.

According to a report by the National Center for Education Statistics, 72% of the cost of energy in education buildings goes towards electricity, with the majority (56%) going toward lighting. America’s K-12 schools will spend $6 billion on annual energy costs, a cost that is second only to salaries and exceeds that of computers, supplies and books. Properly applying skylights into educational buildings can provide energy savings over time while improving student performance.

Skylights In The Office
Natural Light can boost energy up to 24 percent, according to scientific experts. This has been shown to decrease absenteeism and increase productivity. The National Commission on Sleep Disorders Research estimates that, in the United States alone, businesses lose more than $150 billion a year in productivity as a result of employee fatigue due to lack of daylight.

Lockheed Martin reports that after adding skylights and daylighting to its facility in Sunnyvale, California, the company achieved 15% higher worker productivity. Additionally, the company won a $1.5 billion defense contract based on increased productivity, profits which paid for the entire building including all Velux Skylights and Velux Sun Tunnels. As an added bonus, the company saved $300,000 to $400,000 a year on energy bills.

The use of skylights as primary lighting in commercial buildings greatly reduces the risk of business disruption during power outages. This greatly increases public health and safety during any emergency which may involve disruptions of the electricity supply.

Velux Skylights installed – Before and After